Friday, August 26, 2011

New and Improved formula!! Try some today!

It was time to freshen this machine up!
I think Chip Foose will approve.
Oiled, Lubed, Detailed, New Rims and ready its ready to roll!

You will see a weekly blog entry, focusing on a topic that will then be followed up through the week with Tweets. Yes, I'm tweeting. I never thought Id jump on that hayride, could be fun and an interesting adventure. The last hay ride I was on certainly became an adventure....
Along with blogging here and tweeting, I'm producing a podcast that I anticipate you'll enjoy. there will be special guests, open discussion and plenty to chew on to enhance your life.
Please give it a listen, I know it will be a growth opportunity and quite a site to see develop.

My goal is that its interactive, enjoyable and enlightening. Whether you are a coaching client or not, you'll benefit by engaging with me through any of these forums.
Your questions and suggestions for topics you'd like to discuss or gain some insight on is always appreciated.

I have expanded my coaching practice to full time, I'm accepting new clients and have reasonable rates with sliding scale available. My goal is 10 new clients by November 1 and a total of 20 by January 1. Spread the word!

Stay dedicated to your truth...oh, dont know quite what your truth is??...Stick with me Man.

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