Monday, August 29, 2011

Its your choice

I choose to get out of bed every morning. When I wake I lay for what could be 30seconds to 5 minutes.
It’s a time of when I enjoy the quiet and plan my day, express gratitude, stretch and then say “Lets go Wolfe”.

No, this isn’t a rambling of the details of my mornings. Its about making the decision to get out of bed, the decision of whether to start your day positive and willing to take an adventurous ride, or allow a dim mood and a lathargic drag through the day.
We make decisions throughout the day, from what to eat and when to what paper towel brand we want whilst shopping. I sometimes put more thought into what brand or feature to consider than how I shall spend my day. It’s a matter of awareness and discernment.
This is a habit worth considering, consciously decide what your day will encompass and how it will feel. An outing, a project in the garage or a pleasant productive day in the office, all can be determined by you. When you make a conscious decision on how you carry yourself and the tone you will project in that day, or any period of time, it becomes a habit.
This enables one to open themselves to more positive energy flow and in turn more positive energy output.
Have you ever been in a bad mood and someone says “cheer up” I know that makes me bristle.
But ya know, one can cheer up by focusing on something beautiful, fun, happy..etc..its putting yourself into a mind space just as easily (if not easier) than when you slipped into the funk.
Want the funk or do you want happiness? Its your choice.

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