Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday Wish

Its been a great day.
I recently got in touch with some old friends. Many I thought couldn't care much about what Im doing and such. I was incorrect. I am Humbled

As many know, I'm a Medical Marijuana user. Old Rodeo injuries from when I rode bare back Broncs resulted in surgery.
It's is the best way for me to manage my pain and I do it legally and responsibly.
Yet my body and my mind free up as if it was the illegal stuff.
I listened to this track a few times today...its 7:23 in length.
Its enough time to really ease into it and flow along.
Its Horace Silver. The song is "Song for my Father"
many songs have generated from this one..."Ricky don't Lose that number" ring a bell?

My Friday wish for you is: 
Find a space of Peace for yourself this weekend, Love yourself as much as you love others, and dance to this song at least once!

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